Re: Array question

its probably making a copy:

  public Object get1DJavaArray(Class wantType) {
    if (wantType == getElementType()) {
      if (indexCalc.fastIterator) return getStorage(); // already in order
      else return copyTo1DJavaArray(); // gotta copy

its supposed to detect if it needs to copy (eg if the index has been 
reordered). if you are sure theres no reordering, and its making a copy anyway, 
ill have to see why that test is failing.

Jeff McWhirter wrote:

I have an Array of type ArrayFloat$D3
I do a:
to get the float[] array

When I do this I am getting extra memory allocation (the 481K bytes):
0    2         >calling get1DJavaArray Array.getElementType=float
16   481       <calling get1DJavaArray ms: 16

What gives? Shouldn't the storage of this array just be the float[] array?


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