Re: NetCDF Java Lib

Jason Miller wrote:
Mr. Caron,

I have been using your page: to learn more about the java library for writing netCDF files. Thanks for providing this helpful package!

I had a few bits of feedback I thought I’d toss your way:

It would be nice if the page stated the minimal dependencies for the library(s). For instance, I found that I needed at least these extra jars for writing netCDFs:

·         Bufr

·         Grib

·         Slf4j

You actually only need Slf4j, the others are needed only if you try to read 
Grib or Bufr files. Let me know if you find otherwise (an exception rather than 
a warning message).

The README tries to summarize this, but is a bit out of date, i will update 

However, I don’t know what else will turn up missing as I use more of the library. I copied the above jars from the provided “complete zip file” but I need to be careful to not put jars into my project that I don’t need, for maintenance-sake.

Also, the word document documentation seems to have a slightly outdated writing example in its appendix. I have attached my updated version in case that is of use to you.

yeah, that "user manual" is out of date, thanks for your correction ill add it 
when i can.

Thanks again!

Jason Miller

Director of Software Technologies


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