Re: One more question

Hi Jason:

Jason Miller wrote:
Mr. Caron,

I have one more question I failed to ask in the last email about the Java NetCDF library. Is there an automated way to create the proper netCDF java code to create a NetCDF file by processing a CDL text file?

the java library does not process CDL, only NcML; you can use the ncgen program 
to create a binary netcdf file from CDL.

I’m looking to load a CDL file and have it generate the java code that would write a netCDF file with that CDL. Then I would add code to actually write the data itself.

A nice idea, but we dont have such a tool, sorry.

I saw that I could use the NCdump. printNcML(…) to output XML from a binary netCDF, but I’d like to start with a CDL text file instead.

I tried to search the mailing list archive but the search link gave a 404:

thanks, ill fix that link. what page did you find it on?

Thanks so much!

Jason Miller

Director of Software Technologies


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