Re: announce netcdf-java 2.2.16

Eric Russell wrote:
At 10:17 AM -0600 6/6/06, John Caron wrote:

A new stable release of netcdf-java 2.2.16 is now ready at

This release adds, among other features, BUFR reading and pluggable coordinate transforms, as well as various bug fixes.
You are encouraged to upgrade to new stable releases as they become available. 
A stable release means that no further features will be added, and only bug 
fixes will be made.

I've been playing with the new ucar.nc2.dt.PointObsDataset, but I can't
find any Point data to test it with. Can you point me to a Thredds library that has some point data in it? Thanks,


Hi Eric:

Try any of the files at:

you should downloaf the files to your disk and access locally for better 

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