Re: Point data in IDV

Ted Habermann wrote:
OK, I took a look at the Observation Conventions and Records in netCDF-3. Both look good. One question: the observation document says: Each observation must have a latitude, longitude, altitude, and time coordinate value associated with it. What do we do if all of the observations are at the surface so altitude is assumed to be 0 for all observations?

I think our obs convention is worth using; any feedback on it would be welcome.

Altitude is actually optional, but if it is assumed to be at 0, i would put 
that into the file.

CF's point obs conventions aren't very mature, they talked about withdrawing that section.
BTW, we may start a discussion with Joe Sirott and others about standardizing the 
"Dapper conventions" to serve these kinds of obs data through opendap. Nj22 can 
read Dapper datasets into the CDM.


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Ted Habermann wrote:

Jeff, Don, and John

We are working on the idea of writing point observations from spatial databases into netCDF in order to provide access to those data using the suite of available netCDF tools. Our first choice was IDV, but I couldn't get it to do much with the attached file. We are also trying to make this file "CF-compliant", although I am not sure what that means for points. I just became aware of the Unidata Observation Dataset Conventions. I will take a look at those...

Any input would be helpful,

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