[THREDDS #NCD-931813]: How to add GLOBAL attributes to an Aggregation

Hi Dan:

It looks like theres a problem in reading the component files, eg:


Dataset {
    Grid {
        UInt32 dsp_band_1[lat = 6144][lon = 6144];
        Float64 lat[6144];
        Float64 lon[6144];
    } dsp_band_1;
} k85001182828.hdf;

The HDF server appears to be using a convention for attributes im not familiar 

Attributes {
        Uint16 dsp_SubImageId 0;
        String dsp_SubImageName "N/A";
    dsp_band_1 {
        Byte dsp_PixelType 1;
        Byte dsp_PixelSize 1;
        Uint16 dsp_Flag 0;
        Uint16 dsp_nBits 8;
    dsp_band_1_dim_0 {
        String name "lat";
        String long_name "latitude";
    dsp_band_1_dim_1 {
        String name "lon";
        String long_name "longitude";

whereas I would have expected:

    lat {
        String name "lat";
        String long_name "latitude";
    lon {
        String name "lon";
        String long_name "longitude";

do you have any documentation on what they are doing? If its standard enough, 
Ill try to modify my dods client code to deal with it. Otherwise, maybe we can 
ask them to do it in a more standard way?

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Ticket ID: NCD-931813
Department: Support THREDDS
Priority: Normal
Status: Open

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