We have special code to handle WRF output, since it doesnt follow any published 
conventions. Essentially, the code identifies the coordinate systems, including 
projections, and puts it into the "Common Data Model" object model (java), 
which the IDV knows how to display.

We havent fully handled staggered grids, because we are waiting for the proposal from CF 
(Dr Balaji I think) on how to do this "right".

Tom Baltzer wrote:
Hi Wei,

It's my understanding that reading of WRF netcdf data is handled through the
NetCDF Java libraries.  You can read about them here:

I imagine you are interested in details about how the staggered grids are
handled, so I am cc'ing John Caron who is our chief developer for the NetCDF
Java libraries and Don Murray who is the chief developer for the IDV.

BTW, I see that the WRF tutorial and workshop are coming up. We'd of course
love it if the IDV's capabilities to read WRF data for visualization (note
it works with both netCDF and grib data) and would be more than happy to
work with you on the visualization section of the tutorial/workshop.

Thanks and best regards,

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From: Wei Wang [mailto:weiwang@xxxxxxxx]
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To: Tom Baltzer
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Hello, Tom,

I have a question about how IDV is adapted to read WRF netcdf data.
Could you
or someone else explain? Or if there is something written about it, I'd
be happy
to read it. Many thanks,


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