Re: PointObsDatasetFactory

Stuart Wier wrote:


I have some observation data (such as which works in the IDV. (In PointObsDatasetFactory in your nc2.2 it is picked up as a OldUnidataPointObsDataset which has
public class OldUnidataPointObsDataset extends PointObsDatasetImpl {
  static private String latName = "lat";
  static private String lonName = "lon";
  static private String altName = "Depth";
  static private String timeName = "timeObs";

I would like to replace variable names lat,lon,Depth,timeObs
with latitude,longitude,depth,time
to be consistent with your Unidata Observation Dataset v1.0 conventions.

But when I make that change the IDV gives Unable to make a PointObsDataset from
Error = Cant find a Point/Station adapter for

How can I make an observation data file that uses latitude,longitude,depth,time?

the variable names Depth and timeObs are ugly and not in the convention. I have a faint memory that I created them for some GEON data more than a year ago. Now I can't
get rid of them!


Hi Stu:

Did you try using the latest nj22.jar as i mentioned in my last email? There are a number of bug fixes we need to make this work.

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