possible workshop on Netcdf-Java in October

We are considering adding a 1 day workshop on NetCDF-Java to the Unidata 
training workshops in October. If we go ahead with it, there may be limited 
room, but we also may be able to webcast it.

We would like to know how much overall interest there is, and what specific 
topics people might be interested in. Below is a strawman of the topics we've 
thought of. Any feedback on these topics or other ones would be most welcome. 
We'd especially like to know if anyone is interested in the advanced topics in 
a practical way, eg actually implementing classes for their own data.

NetCDF Java Workshop (1 day) for intermediate/advanced Java programmers

Intermediate topics:

Overview of the Common Data Model

Overview of the API

How do I make my data viewable in the IDV?

The ToolsUI client as an aid for developers.

Remote access

NcML Dataset / Aggregation

Advanced topics:

Writing an I/O Service Provider
 This is used to read other file formats into the CDM, ie make them look like 
NetCDF files.

Writing a Coordinate System Builder
 How to add Coordinate Systems to CDM files.

Writing a Datatype implementation
 How to write implementations of the Scientific Data Type interfaces, eg 
Point/Station Observations, Radar files, Trajectories, etc.

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