Re: Point data in NetCDF for the the IDV

There are some bugs in IDV in reading point data.

You should be able to take this jar file:

and replace the nc2.2 jar file in the IDV release (save the old in case you 
need to revert)

and it should work. lemme know!

Stuart Wier wrote:
[copy of Unidata support request:]

Using the IDV, version 1.3 b1, from the Unidata webstart/IDV wen page, I loaded the data source in netCDF attached. That data source is listed in the IDV Fields selector window, but no Fields are listed and no plot is possible.

This is a "point data" file in what I think is a format compliant with the "Unidata Observation Dataset v1.0" convention.

The file has no special name part, such as "metar." That is not part of the

Is the file correct as per  "Unidata Observation Dataset v1.0" convention?

Is the IDV supposed to recognize and display point data from such a data file?

Stu Wier

PS sent copy to John Caron.

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