Re: Need more source code

Hi Carl, i was about to send a note saying that that particular class should be 
ignored. Id be interested in finding out if you have any trouble using the ant 

Carl Drews wrote:
John -

I'm going to cancel this request.  Hank and I figured out how to
eliminate the non-compiling code in Eclipse, and our application can be
built and run without those portions of the source code tree.

On a related note, someday we want to invite you and Robb down the
street for a design review of the code we are busily writing.  We are
figuring out how to do things, but we might not be doing them in the
most optimal way.  And you guys are the experts.  We'll let you know.


Carl Drews wrote:

John -

I have been instructed to investigate the grib1 problem (with negative
array indexes) at the source code level.  So I took the source code that
you and Robb had sent me, and placed it into my source code tree.  I
intended to remove the corresponding jars from Eclipse, so that I would
create the code from my compiler instead of from the jar distribution.

I get a lot of errors when I try to build the tree.  Here is the first one:

class N3ver1 implements ucar.nc2.IOServiceProvider {

private ucar.nc2.NetcdfFile ncfile;
private ucar.netcdf.NetcdfFile netcdf;   <--- ucar.netcdf cannot be
resolved to a type

Sure enough, I don't have that portion of the source code.  Can you send
me the ucar.netcdf portion of the source code tree, or tell me where to
download it?



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