Re: problem with

Its likely your compile classpath is wrong, and you are using an old version of 
the nj22 library.

Adit Santokhee wrote:
Hi John,

Actually, I'm getting the following error message when compiling

C:\work\Client\src\ cannot resolve Symbol
symbol  : method openInMemory (java.lang.String,byte[])
location: class ucar.nc2.NetcdfFile
                NetcdfFile nc = NetcdfFile.openInMemory(("tester"+i),
nl.getBytes(new BigDecimal(1), new BigDecimal(nl.getLength())));



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Hi Adit:

Yes, it should work. What error are you getting ?

Adit Santokhee wrote:


Does the openInMemory (java.lang.String,byte[]) actually work ?

I am using netcdf-2.2.15.jar but it seems this method has not been implemented.



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