Re: ForecastModelRun aggregation with explicit files

Hi Michael:

The forecast model aggregation is still experimental, so im not surprised you 
see these problems.
Thanks you for the patch, I will incorporate it ASAP.

Godin, Michael wrote:

There appears to be an omission in the code for handling "forecastModelRun" aggregations when the files being aggregated are explicit files (specified with a "netcdf" element) as opposed to the contents of scanned directories (specified with a "scan" element). Esentially, the function checkOK is not being called for the explicit files.

A minor modification to the Aggregation#finish method appears to resolve the issue:
starting at line 338 or 339:
    for (int i = 0; i < explicitDatasets.size(); i++) {
        Dataset dataset = (Dataset) explicitDatasets.get(i);
        if (dataset.checkOK(cancelTask))

A workaround is to use <scan> elements instead of <netcdf> elements for explicit file, specifying the parent path in the "location" attribute and the file name in the "suffix" attribute, but this is a little hokey.

Regards, Mike

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