Re: CoordinateAxis.getBoundaryRef

Hi Robert:

The getBoundaryRef() are optional, and as you note, rarely (never?) 
implemented. One of those features I planned to implement but didnt get back 
to. Sorry for the cruft.

Ill get the "all javadocs" back on line. Public is (sort of) the stable public interface, 
"all" is everything, includeing experimental classes and implementation classes.

Robert B. Schmunk wrote:


I was examining another odd result in Panoply last night and found that
the cause was again an unexpected return result from one of NJ22  methods.
Basically, the CoordinateAxis.getBoundaryRef() method _always_ returns

I took a look at the NJ2.2.10 and NJ2.2.14 source code, and I could not
find anywhere in the CoordinateAxis, CoordinateAxis1D or  CoordinateAxis2D
classes that the value for boundaryRef is set by the libraries. Is this
actually an omission/bug in the NJ22 code? Or is it expected that the
programmer using the libraries will use the setBoundaryRef(String)
method to explicit its value?

One other thing, on the NJ2 webpages, the "All javadoc" links for both
NJ2.2.14 and NJ2.2.15 leads to blank pages. The "Public javadoc" links
are okay. Is that intended? And what is the difference between "public"
and "all"?


Robert B. Schmunk, rschmunk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies, 2880 Broadway, New York, NY 10025

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