Re: Station data and Opendap

Hi Bob:

Bob Simons wrote:
To John Caron,

So the station and trajectory features of the java netcdf library are coming on line. Is there now, or will there be, a way to get subsets of the data (equivalent to the subsetting methods like StationDatasetHelper.getStations(boundingBox, cancel) and StationDatasetHelper.getStationObs(boundingBox, startTime, endTime, cancel) via opendap?

we are currently investigating hooking opendap sequences (eg dapper) into the 
station dataset API. The answer is probably yes, for those opendap datasets 
that support lat/lon constraint expressions.

And can you confirm that opendap for netcdf probably won't support constraint expressions for these point dataset .nc files (which would be another way to accomplish the same goal)?

Is there, or will there be, any way to subset point dataset .nc files via opendap (short of the client reading all of the data and subsetting it)?

so now this is a server question, so i will answer in context of TDS. We will provide that functionality (for netcdf files we know how to read into a station/point/trajectory obs dataset) through a web service one way or another. _Probably_ also through opendap sequences, but its still an open question. We really want to provide just a subset of the functionality that sequences have.
What needs do you specifically have?


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