Re: Using the Scientific data type package

Hi Carl:

You can read grib1 and grib2 (and other files) through the netcdf API, then 
write it out in whatever format you want.

Dont use the "Scientific Datatype" package, its too immature. Either use the NetcdfDataset package, or the GeoGrid package.
Carl Drews wrote:
John -

I am working at RAL using Robb Kambic's GRIBJava library.  I am creating
a converter from Grib1 or Grib2 files into our MDV format (RAL-specific).

Robb and another engineer suggested that I can use your Scientific data
type package to unify his two classes Grib1Record and Grib2Record.  The
implication was that there is some kind of umbrella class (superclass?)
that will include both grib1 and grib2 records, and other data
representations as well.

I am reviewing the javadoc at:

I see some useful interfaces, but it's not obvious which one can serve
as a universal container/adapter for Grib1Record and Grib2Record.  Can
you assist me here?  What is your intent for the usage of GridDataset
and the related interfaces in that package?

Carl Drews
Research Applications Laboratory

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