Re: Question of lvls

Netcdf-Java feils are accessed by array index. You must look at the coordinates 
to determine what the index is at the desired height, then use that index to 
fetch the data.

Nelson Brandon K A1C AFWA/SCSA wrote:

            I have this code…

NetcdfFile file ="C:\\Documents and Settings\\nelsonb\\My Documents\\ArcMap\\us057g1010t03a000000000");

            List variables = file.getVariables();

Variable v = file.findVariable("Temperature_height_above_ground");

            Array data =;

The temperate has data for “height_above_ground” at about 20 different heights. How do I access JUST the data at a specific heigh? Thanks for your time all!

A1C Nelson, Brandon K

Communications-Computer Systems Programmer

HQ AFWA/SCSA (402) 294-1404

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