Coordiante System Issue - Earth's Radius

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            NetcdfDataset dataSet = NetcdfDataset.openDataset("C:\\Documents
and Settings\\nelsonb\\My Documents\\ArcMap\\us057g1010t03a000000000");

            NetcdfDatasetInfo info = dataSet.getInfo();

            VariableEnhanced var

            GridCoordSys grid = info.getGridCoordSys(var);

            ProjectionImpl proj = grid.getProjection();

            LatLonRect latlon = grid.getLatLonBoundingBox();

            LatLonPointImpl point = latlon.getUpperRightPoint();




I have the above code, the issue is that the netcdf methods use a
pre-programmed (constant) radius for the earth, which is different than the
one that my data models use.  As a result, the corner points are off by a
few hundredths of a degree (which translates to about 1.5km).  Do you know
how I can force the projection to use a different radius?




A1C Nelson, Brandon K

Communications-Computer Systems Programmer

HQ AFWA/SCSA (402) 294-1404


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