[netCdfJava #LVZ-157790]: Netcdf Java API Questions

Hi Steve, sorry for the delay, we have a new support mail system andwwere still 
getting the kinks out of it

> Hi,
> We're getting ready to use the Java API for Netcdf.
> Although I've looked over your web site and the java docs,
> I don't find any overview documents.  

Im trying to fix the mistakes in the users guide, so that you can use that. Its 
incomplete, but its the best overview there is. Ill send you a link as soon as 
i can clean it up a bit. The general netcdf docs at


are also good for background.

There are a huge
> number of classes!  

You should restrict yourself to the ones that show up in the public javadoc. Im 
trying to keep that manageable, and have just weeded out a few packages:


For example:
> If I want to read netcdf files, is ucar.nc2.NetcdfFile the best choice?

NetcdfFile.open() or NetcdfDataset.open()

> It claims to be read-only, yet has methods like addGroup,
> writeCDL, etc.  Why?

The add methods are for the IOSP's to construct the objects. I tries to make 
them non-public, but it turned out to be too much trouble.

> If I want to create netcdf files from scratch and write them out,
> is ucar.nc2.NetcdfFileWriteable the best choice?

The only choice.

> Are there any examples of how to use NetcdfFile aside from NCdump?

The users guide has an example. There's lots of code that uses, see for example

> Are there any examples of how to use NetcdfFileWritable?

The users guide has an example. ucar.nc2.FileWriter uses NetcdfFileWritable to 
copy files. 

> Thanks,
> Steve
> --
> Steve Sullivan   steves@xxxxxxxx     303-497-2823
> FL/2, Research Applications Laboratory
> National Center for Atmospheric Research
> PO Box 3000
> Boulder CO  80307

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