Re: TIEGCM history files

Ben Foster wrote:

Hi Ben-

Ben Foster wrote:

I thought John said he could view the "Grid variables", which are
mostly 4-d.  You're saying you can only view 2-d vars? I guess
you mean only lat x lon slices, i.e., w/o the vertical dimension.
John misspoke when he said that.  The IDV will read in the
grid and put up a list of the 3D variables.  However, when
you try to display any of them, you will get an error that
it does not support a vertical unit of "" (ilev or lev).
Don's right, i didnt notice the nonstandard vertical coordinate.

We are planning to propose "atmosphere_log_pressure_coordinate"
as a new unitless CF vertical coordinate.
If you will get CF's blessing on this, I will add the VerticalTransform to implement it.

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