Re: how can I open netcdf file in applet?

You are correct.  The applet security model prevents applets fromopening any 
connections with "other" host machines.  You have severaloptions:
1. move the netcdf file to the host from which the applet is loaded2. use a 
servlet or serlet-like approach and have the applet talk tothe servlet (running 
on your host machine) which in turn reads thenetcdf file3. sign the applet and 
set the permissions to allow for connections toother hosts4. use an application 
rather than an applet
Details can be read at:

On 2/9/06, Jon Blower <jdb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:>> Dear Monica,>> I'm 
not absolutely sure, but I think the problem lies with the security> model of 
Java applets.  I don't think you're allowed to load any data from a> remote 
server, except for the server that is hosting the applet itself.  Try> loading 
a netCDF file from your web server – it will probably work.>> Regards,>> Jon>> 
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