Re: [CF-metadata] Announce: Common Data Model Coordinate System validation

Jonathan Gregory wrote:
Dear John

An experimental web service is available that examines NetCDF files and tries to validate their use of Conventions such as CF-1.0 for gridded data. We will be improving this in the future based on user experience and feedback, and we will make it a part of the THREDDS Data Server.

Does this do the same kind of job as the CF checker (on the CF website) i.e.
verify the adherence to the CF conformance document (also on the CF website)?
Judging from the amount of feedback we get, the CF checker is pretty well used.

Hi Jonathan:

Thats a good question. The CF checker 
( is much improved since I 
last looked, and I will add a link to it from my page.

The TDS tool is not a general-purpose CF-1.0 compliance checker, but more of a 
practical tool that identifies the variables for which it can identify 
georefrencing coordinate systems, using CF-1.0 or other Conventions that it 
knows about (COARDS, etc). This accurately indicates what will be viewable in 
applications like the IDV that use the Netcdf-Java library. It currently only 
works on griddded data. My goal is to add better messages to indicate how to 
fix any problems, but that's a long way off.

I would expect the two tools to be complementary, and I will be comparing the output with the CF checker to try to improve my tool.

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