Re: standard_parallel - There may be 1 or 2 values.

Nawajish Noman wrote:

Hi Russ/John,

Happy New Year.

Okay I am back with another grid_mapping question. According to the CF conventions the standard parallel parameter for Albers equal area and Lambert conformal is

standard_parallel - There may be 1 or 2 values.

If there is only one value, then the value is written as

Lambert_Conformal:standard_parallel = 25.0;
How do we write two standard parallel values?


attributes can take arrays as values, so that would look like
 Lambert_Conformal:standard_parallel = 25.0, 40.0;

In Java you can use:

public void addVariableAttribute(String varName, String attName, Array value)

theres a similar call in C.



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