Re: [Fwd: nj22 and conventions]

Hi Benno, Im back on this project.

Benno Blumenthal wrote:
John Caron wrote:

Hi Benno: I have forgotten what the IRIDL convention assumes. Is there a writeup soemwhere?

I put it there because you asked me to add the tag -- I don't have a write up of the semantics. Yet.

But I want to get there. And I want to work with you on this. For starters, weren't you going to use units degree_north and units degree_east to identify longitude and latitude?

A lot of conventions use that, including CF and COARDS.

That is the default,
though if the data is projected, for example

then the information is in





   I was actually a bit shocked to find out you needed explicit
   semantics to read the data, i.e. you cannot read almost any data in
   the IRI data library.   Do you need time and height semantics as
   well?  What about forecast time and lead time, spectral harmonics,
   frequency, simple integer grids?   What happens with a dataset like

   which is labeled COARDS but is six-dimensional, or

COARDS doesnt allow 6 dimensional data, so i would consider this malformed. Not 
sure how to fix it.

   which is also six-dimensional, but labeled IRIDB?


Well, if this follows some standard IRIDL convention (and we want to work hard enough) we can handle this situation
Do you have some easier IRIDL datasets that I can get started on?

BTW, Im browsing your catalogm, and failing on

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