Re: nj22 and conventions

Hi Roland:

Im working on adding documentation etc for 3rd parties to add convention 
parsing classes. I will work with Benno to get IRIDL conventions working. Do 
you want to try your hand on the GDT? Warning: you will be a human sacrifice, I 
mean guinea pig, for debugging this!

Roland Schweitzer wrote:
Hi Folks,

I recently encountered netCDF data sources with the following conventions attributes:

:Conventions = "GDT 1.3" ;
Conventions "IRIDL"

which I would like to read using nj22.

I set about looking for information about the known conventions in nj22 and how to create and register conventions parsing classes. I can see a bunch of classes in ucar.nc2.dataset.conv in the source code, but I don't find these classes documented in the on-line javadoc ( I haven't read source files in detail, but it appears that GDT is not supported though it's registered on the Unidata page. Perhaps the CF1 class could be extended to read GDT.

So my questions and requests are these:

Please put ucar.nc2.dataset.conv in the on-line javadoc (or point me to it if I missed it).

Has anybody messed GDT using nj22?  If so, can you please share?

Is IRIDL going to be a recognized convention by future versions of nj?

Assuming I can create the javadoc myself (or it appears on-line), and that I have read user's documentation Word file, where else should I go seeking information about conventions and nj22?


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