Re: Registering convention handlers

Don Murray wrote:

Jeff McWhirter wrote:

Don and John,

I just added the ability to specify netcdf convention handlers via idv properties.

Don - this does indeed work with the jar files in the plugins directory.

Is there a test file and test convention handler around that I can test this with?

John said he is going to work on this once he got the server
500 error fixed.  You could remove one of the existing conventions
from the JAR file and from the static registry in CoordSysBuilder
in the mean time and test that way.

What do you use for the name?  The name is supposed to be
the conventions string (e.g. CF-1.0)

either that or you implement

 /** return true if you think this is your file. */
 public static boolean isMine( NetcdfFile ncfile);

the conventions test is preferred, since its guareeteed to be a fast test.

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