Re: MAMath.copyDouble

ok, thanks for letting me know

Hussein Yahia wrote:
Hello John,

I should have posted a second message, because the first was not explicit. Sorry for that.

In fact here is the problem: I was reading a netcdf file containing a variable of type "char". In Java, chars are on 16 bits, but usually, programs that convert data into chars follow a 8-bit pattern. So in fact, MAMath.copyDouble was not faulty, it was in the way I read and interpret the java chars that was problematic.

MAMath.copyDouble is not bugged.

Sorry for not having posted again.

Thanks for your mail.


Le 30 nov. 05 à 18:11, John Caron a écrit :

Hi Hussein:

Can you create a test program that reproduces the problem?


Hussein Yahia wrote:

Hello list,
I use the function MAMath.copyDouble in a java app, and it seems to produce strange results sometimes. It seems really bugged: when converting an Array of floats to an Array of Doubles, stranges values are randomly generated in the output. Is this a known issue ? Is there another routine that performs similar (but correct !) job ?