NetCDF java libraries: versions 1 and 2


I know I'm somewhat behind the times, but a while ago I downloaded the
NetCDF java library version 1 and integrated that into my code. 
Everything has been great up until last July, when I started to receive
reports that my code was no longer able to parse certain NetCDF files.

The obvious solution is to upgrade to version 2, but the class library
has changed too much for me to do this quickly (and I just don't have
the time right now).

My question is:  is there a quick patch I can write to parse these newer
NetCDF files using the version 1 library?  Did a substantial change
occur in the definition of NetCDF files?

I get end-of-file errors as the offsets to the variable data are larger
than the file lengths themselves.

thanks for any helpful advice,
        at ucar.netcdf.NetcdfStream$V1Io.toArray(
        at ucar.netcdf.NetcdfStream$V1Io.toArray(
        at ucar.netcdf.Variable.toArray(
        at ucar.nc2.NetcdfStream.cacheData(