Re: NetCDF java lib

James Harle wrote:

Dear John,

I've been trying to use your NetCDF Java Library to read and sub- sample netcdf files and netcdf datasets into the latest version of Matlab, which I had success at. I've also been trying to read in HDF5 files, but to no avail. When I try and open the file I get the following:

 nc =;
??? Java exception occurred:
        at ucar.nc2.H5header.addSystemAttributes(
        at ucar.nc2.H5header.makeVariable(
        at ucar.nc2.H5header.makeNetcdfGroup(
        at ucar.nc2.H5header.readSuperBlock(
        at ucar.nc2.NetcdfFile.<init>(

when I import ucar.nc2.H5header and look at the methods available I only have the follow:

Methods for class ucar.nc2.H5header:

close getClass notify setDebugOutputStream wait equals hashCode notifyAll toString

I am using toolsUI-2.2.10.jar, I no pretty much nothing about Java - apart from it's taking a while for my head to get a handle on this object oriented stuff. Could you tell me whether I am doing the right thing (if you can from the limited info I have provided), or am I using the wrong *.jar, or may be some HDF5 files just can't be read?

1. im guessing a classpath problem, perhaps some classes or jars that are interfering? do you have other jars or classes in your classpath?

2. Look in toolsUI-2.2.10.jar and make sure that ucar.nc2.units.DateUnit is in the jar.

3. Download a new copy of toolsUI-2.2.10.jar in case it got damaged.

4. otherwise, see if you can create a small program that recreates the problem and send it to me.