Re: Reading remote files through authenticating proxy

Jon Blower wrote:
Hi all,

Does anyone know how (using the Java NetCDF libs) I can read a remote NetCDF
or OpenDAP/DODS file through an authenticating proxy server using Basic

Thanks, Jon

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Do this through the library, eg: new SimpleAuthenticator(name, pass));

public class SimpleAuthenticator
  extends Authenticator
  private String username,
public SimpleAuthenticator(String username,String password)
     this.username = username;
     this.password = password;
protected PasswordAuthentication getPasswordAuthentication()
     return new PasswordAuthentication(

You can google Authenticator.setDefault, eg:

I should caution that at some point, netcdf-java may switch to using apache commons httpclient library when accessing OpenDAP. That uses a slightly different mechanism for authentication, but it wont be hard to switch, if and when that happens.