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Benno Blumenthal wrote:

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Hi benno:

sorry its taken so long to reply, ive been on vacation.

the agg server does in fact send back the entire configuration file, which is a valid catalog. the trick is that the aggregation info is inside a metadata element. this info is useable only by the server itself, so you should ignore it. you should instead access the dataset through the server itself, using the dataset URL in the normal way sorry thats so confusing.

Yes and no.  The catalog is correct

But if you compare it to

you see a lot of stuff is missing. I think the problem is that the catalogConfig.xml file has lines like



which it interprets locally as includes to get the full structure. From the outside, I don't get the includes, thus I am missing most of the information.


Yes, i see what you mean. I hadnt thought about the external entity problem (sigh).

I think you should be able to use:

to get the "external view" of the catalog.

I still run into problems.   For example, if I go to read

<dataset name="IPCC H1 vars">
<service name="IPCC H1" serviceType="DODS" base=""/>
     <dataset name="IPCC H1 all" urlPath="ipcc_h1_all">
       <metadata metadataType="Aggregation"/>

My thredds reader tries to use service IPCC H1 and it fails because ipcc_h1_all is not there. I think the service is supposed to be "this", e.g. Am I messing up service inheritance?

ok heres the relevent pieces of that catalog:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>


<catalog xmlns=""; xmlns:xlink=""; 
name="GFDL Aggregation Server Catalog" version="0.6">

 <dataset name="GFDL Aggregation Server Catalog Top-level dataset" dataType="Grid" 

   <service name="this" serviceType="DODS" base="" />

   <dataset name="IPCC H1 vars">

     <service name="IPCC H1" serviceType="DODS" 

     <dataset name="IPCC H1 all" urlPath="ipcc_h1_all">

       <metadata metadataType="Aggregation" />




The containing dataset sets serviceName="this", this is inherited by <dataset name="IPCC H1 all" urlPath="ipcc_h1_all">, and is not overridden. The fact that the dataset also declares a service "IPCC H1" doesnt matter, its likely in there as a "local service" used by the server internally.

though I cannot quite read that one either, probably because of a bug in my program.

I just discovered a bug in my client code too. In fact, its actually caused by a bug in the AggServer code, which declares a top level variable

Float64 plev;

but it should be
Dimension plev = 17;
Float64 plev( plev);

The DDS is technically correct, however. I wonder if you are choking on the same thing?