Re: 20050608:netCDF Java - Using probes data in NetCDF

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Subject: netCDF Java - Using probes data in NetCDF
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Inquiry: Hello!

I\'m trying to load data in probes to NetCDF file. I\'ve found the PointCollection and 
PointObs interfaces, which as I can see are good for keeping data at \"unconnected 
locations\" as it is written in ucar.nc2.dt.PointCollection javaDoc

Is there any example of using points instead of lat-lon grid as coordinate 
system for NetCDF files?
Hi Dimm:

Is this in the context of using the IDV or as a standalone library?

You need to 1) write netcdf files in some special format, and 2) write an adapter that reads them and implements a PointObsDataset interface. We are working on a reccomended file format, where the adapter will already be written.

You can see the code in ucar.nc2.dt.point as examples. Its all very new, so not much documentation yet.