Re: unix script for Java NetCDF

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I havent tested lately under 5.0. Let me know what problems you see.

Will do!

I am just getting back into NetCDF after many years away. Previously, I wrote
I/O routines for numerical models using the Fortran interface of NetCDF.
Where should I start with the Java version? Are there any good examples
available for reading and writing files? This time I want to add NetCDF
capability to a forest model (it grows trees), currently written in C but I
want to convert it to Java.

Thank you, in advance, for any advice you can provide!

Dr. Craig Mattocks
Carolina Enviornmental Program
UNC-Chapel Hill

Hi Craig:

Print out the user documentation  accessible from this page:

The 2.2 stuff is still alpha, and the documentation incomplete and slightly wrong. If you can deal with that, I would use it anyway.

Otherwise use the 2.1 stuff until 2.2 docs catch up (3 months?)

Good luck!