Re: Problems with NetCDF 2.2.09

Hi Eric:

You need the /resources directory in your classpath. The easiest way is to have the netcdf.jar in your classpath. So I guess that you must be building from source?

thats a wierd error message though, ill try to clean that up.

Eric Russell wrote:

I downloaded the latest NetCDF libraries, but I'm unable to open any
catalogs with Thredds now. When NetCDF loads, I get this message on
the console:

*** FAILED to map entity locally at 
/resources/thredds/schemas/InvCatalog.1.0.1.xsd or remotely at

Then when I click the "Connect" button, I get the attached error dialog.

This occurs both when I'm using Thredds from within My World, and when
I'm using the NetCDF Tools UI launched through WebStart.