Re: 20050512: netCDF Java - Converting netCDF files to HDF5

Unidata Support wrote:

To: support-netcdf-java@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From: "Shirley Cohen" <scohen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: netCDF Java - Converting netCDF files to HDF5
Organization: U Texas
Keywords: 200505121305.j4CD5Fqd023054

Institution: TACC
Package Version: 2.2
Operating System: Windows XP
Hardware Information: Dell
Inquiry: I was looking through your java api and noticed there is no support 
for converting files from netCDF to HDF5 format. Do you have know of any 
community tools that might be able to perform this type of conversion?

There will eventually be support in netcdf-Java for converting netcdf (3) to netCDF4, which is a profile of HDF5. Probably not ready until the end of the yer.

Does anyone know of other tools?