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can you answer this?
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Subject:     multi band tiff from netCDF
Date:     Mon, 18 Apr 2005 16:01:21 +0100
From:     Norman Barker <nbarker@xxxxxxxxx>
Organization:     UCAR/Unidata
To:     <netcdf-java@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>


I am using the java classes to convert a netcdf file for one time instance, with 27 levels in Z (atmospheric pressure levels).

I have created a loop with variable i, and attempting to write a band in the tif file for each iteration. What seems to happen is the first band gets written ok, but then after that
the page number gets messed up?

Array data = grid.readDataSlice(0, i, -1, -1);
writer.writeGrid(grid, data, false, xStart, yStart, xInc, yInc, i);

Has anyone got any pseudo code for writing multiband tif files from netCDF?

Many thanks,

Norman Barker

The code was not designed for multiband tiff files. We originally believed that multipage was better to store multi variables and/or multi vertical levels. We just realized that multiband was probably better embraced because of the existing tiff readers and the concept of tiff community. This will be my next task to change the software to use multiband to store tiff files, it will be released sometime in the Summer.