Re: problem with writing netcdf file

Tom Whittaker wrote:


John Caron wrote:

Thanks! I was basing the structure of the new file from an "ncdump -h" of an existing one, which listed "long" for a few of the variables.

really? on a netcdf-3 file, using the C version of ncdump ?

Here's the rub: the ncdump says "long" for the original file, and...when I use "DataType.INTEGER" in the 'addVariable()' for the new file I making, the ncdump also says "long". Go figure... [Can't really tell you which version of ncdump this is -- it's just a binary executable I've been running on Windoz for a long time...]

could be an old version of ncdump; "long" is still considered a synonym for "32-bit int" in some parts of the world ;^)

> you can get a long value from a non-netcdf-3 file, using java version of
> ncdump.

If I use the Java NCdump then the variables get listed as 'int's for both files...must be time to switch ;-)

Anyways, thanks for your help and awareness-raising on my part. This is an interesting (and long overdue) learning experience...

let me know how it goes