Re: 20050329: netCDF Java - Out Of Memory Error

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From: "Peyush Jain" <peyush.jain@xxxxxxxx>
Subject: netCDF Java - Out Of Memory Error
Organization: UCAR/Unidata
Keywords: 200503291926.j2TJQ3Qk025344

Institution: NASA
Package Version: Version 2.1
Operating System: Win XP Pro
Hardware Information: P4 3GHz, 2GB RAM
Inquiry: Hello,

I was able to figure out how to archive streaming data. In my previous example, I created 
5 one-dimensional arrays of "unlimited" length. Then I created origin[1] which 
stored the offset for incoming data and then used write(name, origin, doubleArray) to 
write the data. So, now the file size is increasing.

Now, I am running into another problem. By default, all the incoming data are stored in 
the variables and are not written to the file until I stop the incoming data and close 
the file. Therefore, after a few minutes, I get an "java.lang.OutOfMemoryError" 

Is there any way to force netCDF to write to the file after each time data is 
received (so that I don't run out of memory, flush() didn't do the job).


looks like our emails crossed.

have a look at the example and see if that solves your problen.

the trick is to not store more than one time step at a time.