Re: Bug in NetCDF's

Eric Russell wrote:

At 2:41 PM -0700 3/7/05, John Caron wrote:
Eric Russell wrote:

At 8:16 PM -0700 3/4/05, John Caron wrote:

thanks Eric, you are of course right, i dont know why i didnt find this before !

are you are using 2.2? if so, i just released a new version with the fix in it.

thanks very much,

Thanks for the quick response! I downloaded the, but now I'm getting a NoClassDefFoundError: ucar/nc2/dataset/conv/Convention when I call thredds.datamodel.Dataset.getGridDataset (line 135 of I think one of the jars must be out of sync with the others, but I can't figure out which. Any ideas? Thanks again,


hmmm, thats an old package we arent using anymore. Did that come out of thredds.jar? Are you using it, or just trying to do a source compile?

Aha! It's from catalogUI.jar, which wasn't in the netcdfAll jar. I don't
know how it snuck in there. I'm updating the Thredds support I added to
My World a while back, and it appears from looking at the current Thredds source code that using Dataset is no longer the way to get a GridDataset from an InvDataset. It looks like the way to do it now is to use the ucar.nc2.thredds.ThreddsDataFactory. Is that correct? Is there a document somewhere I should be reading that describes this change and similar changes from Thredds 1.3 to 2.0? Thanks,


Hi Eric, I didnt realize who you were at first. Yes, Ive been refactoring the whole thredds/netcdf-java stuff. Ive been planning on putting together a new release suitable for anyone using the UI classes before anyone noticed, but you've beat me to it! Generally, client side stuff is moving to ucar.nc2, and server stuff will be done in the thredds packages.

As I recall, you are getting GeoGrid objects and working with them? We are adding new data types (eg radar, buoy data, etc) some of which you may be interested in. We are redoing these "scientific data types" as interfaces, under the ucar.nc2.dt package. GeoGrid will eventually implement a GridDatatype interface (or somehing).

Anyway, its not quite done yet, there are some loose ends, but now would be a good time to figure out what you need and when you need it. Why dont you download the ToolsUI (used to be the thredds data viewer) and look around at it:

And look at ucar.nc2.ui.ToolsUI to see how things work in there. The ToolsUI handles both local files and files accessible through THREDDS catalogs. Are you interested in local file access? The nj22 package is starting to be able to other file formats besides netcdf, including grib, radar, etc.