Re: DODSNetcdFile

Bob Simons wrote:

When I click on the "netCDF-OpenDAP client library" link for version 2.1 at "";, my 7.54u1 Opera browser just waits forever and the download never starts. I can download other things from that web page.

Is there some other way I can get the DODSNetcdFile and related Java files and related JavaDoc documentation? Note that I can't receive files >4MB via email.

Thank you.

Bob Simons

Hi Bob:

It seems ok from here. Its an FTP address, does your browser support that? If so, can you confirm that you can download from FTP from a non-unidata site?

you could also try getting from anonymous FTP

ftp to /
cd /pub/netcdf-java/v2.1/
get  netcdfDods.jar

let me know what happens