Re: netCDF API to generate NcML-cs

Giacomo Villoresi wrote:

Hi John,
it's Giacomo Villoresi, a colleague of Stefano Nativi. I am currently trying to generate a NcML-CS document from a NetCDF file, using the NetcdfDataset class. This is the code I wrote using version 2.2.06 alpha of related API: NetcdfDataset ncd = NetcdfDataset.openDataset(fileLocation, true, null);
    System.out.println("NetcdfFile: " + fileLocation);
    ncd.writeNcML(System.out, fileLoc);
I've tried using different NetCDF files with various conventions (GDV, COARDS, NUWG) but none printed out a NcML-CS xml document. The creation of coordinate system metadata seems to be done correctly as far as I understand. Is it correct? Otherwise how is it possible to generate NcML-CS? Thanks in advance,
 Giacomo Villoresi

Hi Giacomo:

The NcML-CS part is not working in 2.2.06 alpha. You can go back to 2.1.09 and it should work there.

I am still reviewing how NcML-CS should work for 2.2, its possible we would skip NcML-CS and just do NcML-G or -GML.