Re: 20030923: AGG Server clear cache

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Subject: AGG Server clear cache
Organization: NOAA
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From the browser interface to the John Caron's latest DODS aggregation
server, there is a debug function:

I tried to find a similar unix command line function in TOMCAT
documentation, and looked at logs to figure out what was happening, but
can't find an answer.  I am trying to write a cron job which will update
the MCSST NcML file, then clear the DODS aggregation cache on a daily
basis.  Is there a command line equivalent to the clearCache command
that I could use, so I don't need to stop/start TOMCAT each update?



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Hi Joe: you need a command line HTTP client, which would send the URL

to the AS using HTTP GET. If you are updateing the catalog, you will need to 
also send

I googled for "command line HTTP client" and got a lot of hits. you will need one specific to your OS, so you should probably sort through them. a couple that jumped out:

PS: you can send these kinds of questions directly to me for now if you want. eventually we will have a support-dodsAS email, but for now its quicker to send to me, since support is just forwarding them anyway.

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