Re: 20030826: DODS Exception...

Tom Rink wrote:

John Caron wrote:

Nathan Potter wrote:

On Wednesday, August 27, 2003, at 12:01 PM, Tom Rink wrote:

Hi Nathan,

I've made some changes to my application effort to support NetCDF v2.
Could I use the jar file, Java-Dods v1.1.3, in place of that which I
downloaded? In other words, Java-Dods v1.1.3 with NetCDF v2?

Im not sure of the process of putting together Java-Dods v1.1.3. Does it include java-netCDF ? If so, it probably doesnt have the very latest java-netcdf (2.1.01), although that probably does not matter for your purposes.

I don't know. John is the expert on this.

Is this only a client-side issue?

(I think the following is a correct analysis of the HDF servers actions. I didn't write it and I am truly ignorant of it't inner workings.)

No. Well yes, in so far as the HDF server doesn't use cached DDX/DDS/DAS files. It creates the them directly from the HDF files. The implementation of the HDF server creates these Alias types during that process.

If the HDF server was based on the Java-DODS code that you have, and it was reading cached DDX/DDS/DAS file then the problem would manifest its self.

Basically, the HDF server makes a set of DODS objects in memory. Then, it asks the objects to send various perts of their persistent representations to the client. Unfortunately, the server doesn't parse actually parse the thing that gets sent as a quality/sanity check.

sorry, i dont understand what you are trying to do and how the HDF stuff relates to the netCDF stuff.

Hi John,

In my case, I have a dataset of AIRS hdf4 files sitting on a DODS enabled server somwhere and I would like to use the Java-Netcdf client to access those files. My newbie understanding of DODS tells me I should be able to do this, and in fact, I can for some hdf files. The html doc on the Unidata web page, talks about a subclass of NetcdfFile named DODSNetcdfFile. Is this the right way to go?
C++ is not an option for this project.


ok, i understand, sorry to be so dense. yes, you can use the netcdf2 client to access DODS datasets. (I misunderstoodcand thought that the DODS server was using the netcdf2 library).

There has been a history of the java DODS parser choking on HDF variables names and aliases. Send us the URL and I will verify if thats the case.. Its possible that Nathan has a fix that I have not incorporated.

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