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Hi Robert: you now need to include the HTTPClient library seperately in your classpath, get it at:

Scheller, Robert M. wrote:

Dear John:

I got your email address from the website. I hope my question is not an intrusion.

I have been trying to use the netCDF Java library to read in some global climate change data. I had a very small application that was working for me a couple of years ago. However, I have come back to it and I keep receiving the following errors:

class HTTPConnection not found in class ucar.netcdf.HTTPRandomAccessFile
class NVPair not found in class ucar.netcdf.HTTPRandomAccessFile

I am using JBuilder3 (!) with SDE 1.2. Unfortunately, someone just stole our new JBuilder8, so upgrading isn't an option right now.

If you have any hints or insights, I would greatly appreciate them. Sincerely,

Rob Scheller

package readCCPnET;
import ucar.ma2.*;
import ucar.nc2.*;
import java.util.*;
import java.lang.*;

public class readCCPnET {

   public static void main(String [] args) throws IOException {
      String GCMname = "HAD2SuM3";   //Either "CCC1SuM4" or "HAD2SuM3"
String outFilename = ("c:\\users\\rob\\data\\vemap\\" + GCMname + "outPnET.txt"); BufferedWriter output = new BufferedWriter(new FileWriter(outFilename));

      int climateYear = 2098;

    try {

      // t=time; lt=latitude; lg=longitude; l=low; h=high
      int tindexl, tindexh, ltindexl, ltindexh, lgindexl, lgindexh;
      tindexl = 0; tindexh = 1271;   //CCC = 1283
      ltindexl = 5; ltindexh = 5;
      lgindexl = 66; lgindexh = 66;

      Range[] r = new Range[3];
      r[0] = new Range(tindexl,tindexh); //time
      r[1] = new Range(ltindexl,ltindexh); //lat
      r[2] = new Range(lgindexl,lgindexh); //long
      String s1="", s2="", s3 = "";

      double[][] dtemp = getVarData(GCMname, "tmax", r);
      double[][] dtemp2 = getVarData(GCMname, "tmin", r);
      double[][] dtemp3 = getVarData(GCMname, "pptx", r);

      /* From PnET-II README file:
      File of climate information - either mean or transient (historic)
      Each month is listed on a separate line, current order is
      pixel id, year, Julian Day, temp max average, temp min average,
      radiation in PAR, precipitation.
      expected filename: projectname.clim

      The units of input are decimal degrees Centigrade for temperature,
      and micromoles of PAR and centimeters of precipitation monthly. */
      //write header:
output.write("year\tmonth\ttempMax\ttempMin\tpptAvg\tlat\tlong" + calcYear((int) dtemp[0][0]) + "\n");
      output.write("MEAN T\n");
      for(int i=r[0].first(); i<r[0].last(); i++){
         if(dtemp[i][0]==dtemp2[i][0] && dtemp[i][0]==dtemp3[i][0] &&
            dtemp[i][1]==dtemp2[i][1] && dtemp[i][1]==dtemp3[i][1] &&
            dtemp[i][2]==dtemp2[i][2] && dtemp[i][1]==dtemp3[i][1] &&
calcYear((int) dtemp[i][0])==climateYear) { //climateYear see above
            output.write(calcYear((int) dtemp[i][0]) + "\t");
            output.write(calcMonth((int) dtemp[i][0])+ "\t");
            output.write(getRound(dtemp[i][3],1) + "\t");
            output.write(getRound(dtemp2[i][3],1)+ "\t");
            output.write(getRound(dtemp3[i][3],1) + "\t");
            output.write(dtemp[0][1] + "\t");
            output.write(dtemp[0][2] + "\n");

    } catch (InvalidRangeException e) {
      System.err.println("ERROR reading file "+e);
    } catch (IOException e) {
      System.err.println("ERROR reading file "+e);

  }  //end main

private static double[][] getVarData(String GCMname, String climVar, Range[] r) throws IOException {
      //Read climate variable file:
NetcdfFile ncfile = new NetcdfFile("c:/users/rob/data/VEMAPCC/" + climVar + GCMname + "");
      System.out.println( "ncfile "+ ncfile);
      Variable tempVar = ncfile.findVariable(climVar);
      // read all the data and logically subset it
      Array tempArray =;
      Index tempIndex = tempArray.getIndex();

double[][] d = new double[r[0].last()+1][4]; //4 values: time, lat, long, climateVar
      int time=0, lat=1, lon=2;  //set Dimension integers.
      for(int i=r[0].first(); i<=r[0].last(); i++){ //time
         for(int j=r[1].first(); j<=r[1].last(); j++){  //latitude
            for(int k=r[2].first(); k<=r[2].last(); k++){  //longitude
                  d[i][0] = getDimensionDouble(tempVar, time, i);
                  d[i][1] = getDimensionDouble(tempVar, lat, j);
                  d[i][2] = getDimensionDouble(tempVar, lon, k);
                  d[i][3] = tempArray.getDouble(tempIndex.set(i,j,k));
      return d;

   private static void printArray( Array a) {
      IndexIterator iter = a.getIndexIterator();
      int cnt = 0;
      while (iter.hasNext()){
         System.out.println(cnt + " " +  iter.getDoubleNext()+ ",");

   //function to retreive values of the indices:
private static double getDimensionDouble(Variable v, int d, int index) throws IOException {
      Array temp = v.getDimension(d).getCoordinateVariable().read();
      Index tempi = temp.getIndex();
      return temp.getDouble(tempi.set(index));

   private static double getRound(double d, int i){
       int factor = 1;
       for(int j=1; j<=i; j++){
          factor *= 10;
       //first round number if necessary.
       return (double)( ((int) Math.round(d*factor)) /(double) factor);

   private static int calcYear(int t){
      GregorianCalendar myCal = new GregorianCalendar(1895, 0, 1);
      myCal.add(Calendar.DAY_OF_YEAR, t);
      return myCal.get(Calendar.YEAR);

   private static int calcMonth(int t){
      GregorianCalendar myCal = new GregorianCalendar(1895, 0, 1);
      myCal.add(Calendar.DAY_OF_YEAR, t);
      return myCal.get(Calendar.MONTH)+1;
   private static String convertTime(int t){
      GregorianCalendar myCal = new GregorianCalendar(1895, 0, 1);
      myCal.add(Calendar.DAY_OF_YEAR, t);
return ( (myCal.get(Calendar.MONTH)+1) + "\t" + //adjust to 1-12 calendar months
      //myCal.get(Calendar.DATE) + ",\t" +


Robert M. Scheller
Dept. Forest Ecology & Management
University of Wisconsin-Madison
1630 Linden Dr., Madison, WI 53706

Forest Landscape Ecology Lab
Webpage and C.V.

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