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Russ Rew wrote:


Could you handle this please.  I assume he just wants to use an array
of char rather than a String, but maybe your OPeNDAP adaptation to
handle Strings is relevant ...


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I use NetCDF java (version 2.0) for generating netcdf files.  I have a
problem when tried to generate a time dimension  {"Jan", "Feb",  "Mar",
The NetCDF Java API have ArrayAbstract ( and ArrayInt, ArrayFloat, ...)
but  NO  ArrayString for holding the above 1D array.  The reason I need
to use the above 1D array is to show month information rather than
{1,2,3,4...}.   What should I do?


(Bob) Yunyue YU
Code 971, Goddard Space Flight Center
Greenbelt, MD 20771
(301)614-6850  yuy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Hi Bob:

use ArrayChar class. it has getString() and setString() methods that should work for you.

you may also be interested in "Writing NetCDF Files: Best Practices" (general to all netcdf files):

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