Re: skip, stride reading...

Tom Rink wrote:


How can skip or stride reading be done in the Java
implementation of NetCDF? Is there an equivalent

Tom Rink

Hi Tom:

I seem to have overlooked implementing a stride-based read, probably because the original (version 1) library doesnt have one. I will add this to the to-do list.

Meanwhile, you can get a strided subset of an Array, which will be equivilent except that you probably have to read more than you need:

Suppose you have a 3D Array, and you want to access it with stride 2, 1, and 3 in the three dimensions. The following will give you a logical view of the data with those strides, using the same backing data as the original:

Array data =;
int[] shape = data.getShape();
Array dataS;
Range[] ranges = new Range[] { new Range(0,shape[0]-1, 2), null, new Range(0,shape[2]-1, 3) };

try {
dataS = data.section( ranges);
} catch (InvalidRangeException e) {
System.out.println("testStride failed == "+ e);

Note that the null second Range means “use all with stride one”. You can make a copy to get just the subset you want, so that the original data memory can be freed up:

dataS = dataS.copy(); // now is a separate data array

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