Re: help with a NetcdfDataset

Viviane Vasconcellos de Menezes wrote:


Thanks a lot. The problem was the "core libray" (netcdf.jar) was missing!

I was thinking that I would need only the netcdfAll.jar <> file because in the web is written : "This includes the core library, the OpenDAP client, and the *ucar.nc2.dataset* and its subpackages". So, I've got the following files: netcdfAll.jar, the units.jar and the jdom.jar. I was thinking that nectcdf.jar had been included in netcdfAll.jar as is written in the text.

Sorry, and thanks for your patience


Hi Viviane: it should have worked ok with just netcdfAll.jar, which should include everything in netcdf.jar. Perhaps there was a defective file on the ftp site? I just checked and it now looks ok. Could you download the latest netcdfAll.jar and double check that it works ok? Thank you and sorry it didnt work before.

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