Re: 20021029: question about ucar.netcdf.HtttpRandomAcessFile

some user contributed code may allow us to use the https protocol, not sure yet of the details, i will let you know when i find out.

also, are you using ucar.netcdf or ucar.nc2 ?

Unidata Support wrote:

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To: support@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From: Tomas Molina <tmolina@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: question about ucar.netcdf.HtttpRandomAcessFile
Organization: San Diego SuperComputer Center(SDSC)
Keywords: 200210292231.g9TMVeX18002 netCDF Java

hello I have been using your ucar.netcdf package for quite sometime and I
am very pleased with it.  I just a question about the HttpRandomAccessFile
class and using https.  I noticed it has not yet been implemented and I
know need https support.  So I was wondering if there were plans on doing
this or if there is already an implementation.

thank you

any help would be appreciated

Tomas E. Molina
Grad Student Computer Engineering (tmolina@xxxxxxxx)
NCMIR (tmolina@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx)
San Diego SuperComputer Center(SDSC) (tmolina@xxxxxxxx)

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