Re: Unidata Support: 20020822: netcdf2All -- HTTPClient package

Hi John,

Thanks for your reply.

On Mon, 26 Aug 2002, John Caron wrote:

> its extemely simple: instead of a RandomAccessFile, the library
> opens a HTTPRandomAccessFile. this uses the HTTP "Range" command to
> get ranges of bytes from the remote file. everything else is exactly
> the same, and no optimizations like caching are done, although i
> think buffering is done.

_From what I can see in the ucar.netcdf & ucar.nc2 packages, this is the
only point of entry into the HTTPClient package. Is there some
fundamental reason why this package is used, in place of the
functionality in Would I be correct in assuming that a
re-written, using
rather than HTTPClient.HTTPConnections, would remove all dependence on
the HTTPClient package? This would allow us to initiate HTTPS

> obvious guess is a problem with Tomcat range command, but it may be
> some minor thing (or an error we arent catching) that is unrelated.

There was reportedly a bug in the handling of the Range header in that
version of Tomcat. I've installed a later release and it appears to
respond correctly. Thanks for the pointer.


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