Re: Unidata Support: 20020822: netcdf2All -- HTTPClient package

Hi Roy:

Sorry about this, you didnt miss anything, I did. netcdf2All.jar tries to only use the HTTPClient classes needed for netcdf, and it missed some. I have rebuilt the jar files and the latest netcdf2All.jar at

should fix the problem. If you use HTTPClient outside of netcdf, you should use the HTTPClient jar file directly:

please let me know of any other problems you see.


I have an applet that is attempting to load a netCDF file across a
network connection. I have provided the ucar and HTTPClient packages in
the applet's JAR file. When calling the NetcdfFile(URL) constructor
within an applet I am getting a ClassFormatError, which my Java VM
generally throws when it can't find a class.

The problem appears to occur when the HTTPClient/CookieModule class is
referenced by the HTTPClient/HTTPConnection class. I have attached the
stack trace from the Java console. There is, however, no
HTTPClient/CookieModule class in netcdf2All.jar.

I can't help but feel that I've missed something fundamentally simple
here -- can you suggest where I might be going wrong? I should perhaps
note that I am initiating an HTTPS connection.

Thanks in advance for your time,
Roy Britten.

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